Yungeen Ace - Sincerely, Me Lyrics (2024)

Yungeen Ace Lyrics

"Sincerely, Me"

To hand me money, they don't understand
I'm not broke, I'm just a broken-hearted man
I know it—
See Ed, for Nuke and Bubba
See Rabbit and Tata and Tyana
Y'all don't know, I be like— you know I'm saying?
Going through motion, for y'all really

I'm so broken up inside, still I don't ask for help
When I embrace on how I feel, feel like it's nobody there
When I tell you how I feel, why I feel like nobody care?
Lately I been in deep thoughts, my life been draining me

And I just been rollin' (I just been rollin')
Tossin' and turnin' (Tossin' and turnin')
I just been stressed out (I just been stressin')
My love is burnin'

Everybody that I love, I wish that y'all could see
Take a minute out y'all shoes and replace it with me
Y'all expect me to be strong, but I been feeling weak
While y'all layin' comfortable up in bed, I ain't been gettin' sleep
I done did everything for everyone
If I die today, nothing'll get done
With life, I'm 'posed to be at peace instead of worrying
Even when I give my all for y'all, I try again
Wake up every morning, I ain't see nobody check on me
Everybody wanna be around 'cause I got a check on me
I can't seem to win, y'all all put me at odds
Life 'posed to be easy, but y'all making it hard for me
I can't go no farther
I ain't been answering for my father
Mama, get from out my ear, leave me alone
I know it's hard to accept the fact Trevon is gone (Let him go)
My dogs calling me from jail, but I don't wanna talk (I don't)
And I know it sound crazy, I been in my thoughts (Sound crazy)
My body been overheating, I need to just take a walk (f*ck)
I was down for two weeks, I was dealing with corona (Damn)
They weren't asking me how I was feeling, they was asking me for money (Everybody)
I had a talk with all the guys, know this sh*t was moving funny (Ayy, look)
Even after I pay for all these lawyers, y'all know I need y'all help (Y'all know that)
I spent money on everybody, but none for myself (f*ck)

And I just been rollin' (I just been rollin')
Tossin' and turnin' (Tossin' and turnin')
I just been stressed out (I just been stressin')
My love is burnin'

Thinkin' 'bout how I feel, I'm gettin' the chills (I'm gettin' the chills)
Dealing with post trauma, this sh*t real (This sh*t real)
I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't breathe (I can't)
Normally, I can take control, but it's just too much for me (Just too much for me)
Got some secrets I gotta tell Malik and 23 (Ayy, listen)
Could've saved y'all daddy life and excused him from the beef
Royale, I took in your daddy and brought him with me
Malik, I could've encouraged your daddy football instead of the streets (I'm sorry)

And I just been rollin' (I just been rollin')
Tossin' and turnin' (Tossin' and turnin')
I just been stressed out (I just been stressin')
My love is burnin'

Backstreet and Tay Shotz (My dogs)
We got closer this year, we all been through a lot (My brothers)
And I got mad love for my dog Quise (My nigg*)
We been out of touch and I know you miss YBeezy (I do too)
Ayy, GMK, welcome to the industry (Ayy, welcome)
Don't forget the ones you love, don't lose touch of the streets (Don't do that)
Sosa, slow down and be there for Riley (Riley)
You know how it feel to grow up without a dad, just let her know you got her (Tell her again)
Lackin and Breezo (Ayy)
I told 'em smash the gas, I don't give a f*ck how this sh*t go (Skrrt)
I'm just writing y'all all a letter, I'm letting y'all know I'm losing hope
Goon, get from out your shell, I showed you the path where to go

Sincerely, me

'); }

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album: "Survivor Of The Trenches" (2022)

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Yungeen Ace - Sincerely, Me Lyrics (2024)
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