Taylor Swift fans reveal merch on offer at first UK concert & how much it costs (2024)

TAYLOR Swift is gearing up for the first stop on her UK Eras tour in Edinburgh on Friday night.

And with Swift's long-awaited arrival in the UK just hours away, the star's official merch is already on sale at the Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh - and it could be a bit hit in fans' pockets.





Fans have taken to social media to give an insight into the official merch sales - showing a breakdown of items which would set you back more than £300.

Swift kicks off her UK leg with three concerts at Murrayfield on Friday, Saturday and Sunday before heading for Anfield, Liverpool for three nights from Thursday June, 13 to Saturday June 15.

She will then appear at Cardiff's Principality Stadium on Tuesday, June 18 before eight concerts at Wembley Stadium in London from Friday, June 21 to Tuesday, August 20.

TikTok mum Unorganised Mummy shared a video of herself visiting the stand outside the Edinburgh stadium, which she praised for being "very organised".

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While the queue looked "a bit intimidating" to "The Unorganised Mummy" when she first arrived, she insisted it "really wasn't that bad".

She began queueing at 9.50am and at 10am the queue began moving "really quickly".

Staff were also coming around checking everyone was okay.

She added that you don't need tickets to the shows to buy merch if you're there before 1pm.

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However, her "one gripe" was that there were no prices on the outside of the tents, so "you have to wait till you're up there and then it's like panic.

I'm travelling 10,000 miles from Australia to see Taylor Swift in Edinburgh - a stranger even gave me a ticket

"You know, when you're going into that frenzy where you feel like, 'I need to buy everything. I need it all'.

"Well, that was me."

She was only there to buy jumpers for her kids, but did end up getting herself one too.

While some people have complained the clothing is too small, she showed how the jumpers measured up to prevent anyone buying the wrong size.

As well as the jumpers, she also picked up a Taylor tapestry, which was just £15 and "huge".



Is Taylor Swift's Eras merch worth the price tag?

AHEAD of going to see Taylor in action, Fabulous Digital Writer Leanne Hall weighs in on whether the merch is really worth the price tag:

"As a 29-year-old Swiftie who made it to the top 0.1% of Taylor listeners on Spotify last year, you could say I’m very excited to see her on the Era’s Tour in London later this month.

"With the three-hour long set list, there’s no surprise Taylor was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year and fans lucky enough to get tickets know they’re about to watch the concert of the century.

"The Eras Tour catapulted the singer/songwriter into the billionaires club, and it’s no surprise when some UK tickets were going for almost £700 a pop.

"While tickets were expensive, her merch isn’t far off what most artists price their stuff at, and I for one will be spending hundreds to get my hands on sweaters and T-shirts from the tour.

"While £70 for a hoodie would make me think twice if I was shopping in a store, this isn’t a regular hoodie.

"Yes, you’ll look fabulous heading to the shops in it, but it’s also a piece of the day you get to keep forever to look back fondly on, and for me and many other Swifties, no price tag can match that."

"TheTaylor Swiftmerch stand atMurrayfield was so organised, I'm sure it will make the show night easier!" she captioned her video.

Amy Marie also took to her TikTok page to share a breakdown of everything on offer and the prices, including hoodies for £70 and T-shirts for £40.

Long-sleeved T-shirts were also £40, while a tote bag was £25 and a water bottle was £15.

A quarter zip jumper is priced at £65, a crew neck is £65 and a bracelet is £30.

Amy Marie concluded her rundown by revealing the posters are £15.

"This is Murrayfield," she captioned the video.

"We arrived at 10.15 and was back at our car by 10.45.

"Very organised!"

"Thank you for this," one person commented on Amy Marie's video.

"Omg I think I’m gonna end up spending £175," another joked.

"Water bottle's a good deal. £30 at Take That!" a third wrote.

"Does anyone know what the parking situation is like for merch today/tomorrow?" someone else asked.

To which Amy Marie replied: "When we went this morning we just parked at Sainsbury’s and grabbed a Starbucks then walked around.


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"Parking up to 2 hours there."

Others revealed that the merch stand is card only, and is open until 8pm on non-show days.




Taylor Swift fans reveal merch on offer at first UK concert & how much it costs (2024)
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