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Astronomical Calculator – Moonrise and Moonset Times

In this moon calculator, you may find out the time of sunrise and sunset. The time of meridian crossings, the Moon's location on the horizon in Kilometre. Its direction, height, illumination, and lunar phases calendar. In addition, Daylight Saving Time / Summer Time and automatic time zone adjustments in moon time are implemented today and during the entire year. Calculate the moonrise and moonset times and the Meridian crossing calendar for the whole of the month.

The Sun and the Moon both rise and set at certain times. At a certain distance from Earth, the Moon has its altitude and place in the sky. The Moon goes through different phases during its cycle, like the crescent moon, the new Moon, and the full Moon, all of which happen at other times. When you look at an astronomical calculator, it tells you this about the Moon.

Moon Calculator calculating the moonrise, moonset, meridian passing times, moon position, moon distance in Killometer, moon direction, moon altitude, moon illumination and, moon phases calendar. today and the whole year and automatic Daylight saving time / Summer Time and time zones adjustment in moon time. Calculate moonrise, moonset and Meridian crossing calendar for whole month.

Just like the Sun, moon also rises and sets at specific times. Moon is at a certain distance from Earth and has its own altitude. Moon phases change during the cycle, such as crescent moon, new moon and full moon. Astronomical calculator tells the following things about the moon.

  • What is the direction of moon?
  • At what altitude is the moon and what is its distance from the ground?
  • What is the position of the moon?
  • Which phase is the moon in?
  • What time is moonrise moonset today?
  • What is the transit today?


What is difference between moonset and moonrise?

The difference between moonrise and moonset as nouns is that moonrise is considered as the part of the day or night when the moon starts to rise/appear over the horizon whereas moonset is the setting/disappearance of moon below the horizon.

How many hours are there between moonrise and moonset?

As the moon moves in the same direction as that of the rotation of Earth on its axis, it takes a bit more than a period of 24 hours in passing from one meridian to the next.

What does a moonset mean?

A moonset means 1) the descending of moon below the horizon or 2) the time of the moon’s setting

Does the moonrise change every day?

Since the Moon orbits around the Earth, the timings og both moonrise and moonset change on daily basis, which makes us observe the moon phases.On checking out the moonrise time after few days, you will come to know that the moon is rising comparatively late every day.

How does moonrise and moonset work?

The daily appearance of moon above the horizon is called moonrise and its sinking below the horizon is called moonset. Just like other heavenly bodies, the Moon rises in the East and sets I the West as per the rotation of the Earth.

Why does the Moon set at night?

The Earth’s rotation on its axis makes the Sunrise in the east and set in the West daily. The same rule applies on the rising and setting of the Moon. The moon rises in the East and sets in the West.

How long is a Moon phase?

The moon orbits the Earth in 27.3 days but the complete cycle of moon (from one new moon to next new) called lunar phase cycle takes 29.5 days. The moon takes extra 2.2 days because the Earth travels around the Sun almost 45 million miles. During this time, the moon completes one orbit around the Earth.

What is it called when the Sun and moon are out together?

When the Sun and Moon both are out together, a term called conjunction (new moon) or opposition (full moon) is used. The configurations of the heavenly bodies are often expressed by the word syzygy.

  • The direction of the moon
  • The altitude and distance of the moon from the ground
  • Position of the moon
  • The current moon phase
  • Today’s moonrise and moonset time
  • Today’s transit time

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Moonrise, Moonset and Meridian Passing Times Calculator – Timehubzone (2024)
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