How Does DoorDash Assign Orders To Drivers? (2024)

So, you're making money with DoorDash or are thinking aboutsigning up for DoorDash.

This is a great first step in making more money every month. After all, DoorDash is an incredibly popular and flexible side hustle.

But you might be wondering: how does DoorDash assign orders? And, more importantly, how can you maximize the orders you get so you make more money?

If you want to avoid not getting DoorDash orders and to make more money with this gig job, this is the post for you!

Let's get to it.

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How Does DoorDash Assign Orders?

There are several factors that influence how DoorDash assigns orders to drivers.

And, by knowing these factors, you can ensure you get as many orders as possible, even if DoorDash is slow in your market on a given day.

1. DoorDash Driver Location

One of the main factors DoorDash considers when assigning orders to drivers is driver location.

This makes a lot of sense if you think about it. After all, why would DoorDash assign a McDonald's order to a driver 5 miles away if there's a driver waiting in the McDonald's parking lot?

In other words, your proximity to restaurants is one of the main factors that determines how DoorDash assigns orders.

So, an easy DoorDash driver tip is to wait near hotspots, which are clusters of restaurants the Dasher app highlights.

How Does DoorDash Assign Orders To Drivers? (1)Basically, try starting your Dash when you're already by a group of restaurants so there's a higher chance DoorDash assigns you an order instead of other Dashers.

2. Top Dasher Status

Another factor that influences how DoorDash assigns orders to drivers is if the driver has Top Dasher status or not.

Top Dasher is a program DoorDash uses to reward its busiest and best drivers. The main perk of Top Dasher is that you can start Dashing whenever you want, even if it's super busy.

However, DoorDash also states that Top Dashers get priority over non-Top Dashers when orders are slow.

How Does DoorDash Assign Orders To Drivers? (2)So, if you're competing with another Dasher and they have Top Dasher but you don't, there's a chance DoorDash assigns the orders to them instead.

Now here's the thing: the Top Dasher requirements are pretty tricky to meet.

Here are the current requirements to become a Top Dasher:

  • Achieve a customer rating of at least 4.7 stars
  • Have anacceptance rateof at least 70%
  • Have a completion rate of at least 95%
  • Reach 100 completed deliveries in the last month
  • Reach at least 200 all-time deliveries

Most of these are easy to reach, but maintaining a 70% acceptance rate is very high.

This high of an acceptance rate also means you inevitably have to accept low-paying orders, so this isn't really worth going for in most markets.

If you want to learn more about Top Dasher vs non-Top Dasher status and what it means for your earnings, I suggest watching the video from DoorDash driver and YouTuber Nuggs.

Nuggs runs a cool experiment where he compares the earnings between both types of Dashing, and unsurprisingly, there are some brutal orders when he goes for Top Dasher.

So in short, Top Dasher status is another consideration DoorDash uses to assign orders.

However, unless you'renevergetting orders when it's slow, going for Top Dasher probably isn't worth it.

3. DoorDash Driver Zone

One final factor DoorDash uses to assign orders is if an order takes you out of your Dasher zone or not.

When you schedule a Dash or go online, you pick the zone you're Dashing in.

How Does DoorDash Assign Orders To Drivers? (3)

And while orderscandrag you outside of this zone for dropping off food, this isn't too common. And your pickups are going to be from restaurants and stores in your zone.

Based on this logic, you should try mixing up your DoorDash zones from time to time to see if nearby zones and cities have more orders and pay slightly more per delivery.

4. Scheduled Dashers vs Non Scheduled Dashers

It's widely believed that DoorDash prioritizes scheduled Dashers versus non-scheduled Dashers when assigning orders. So, if you want to get more orders, get in the habit of scheduling your Dashes ahead of time.

How Does DoorDash Assign Orders To Drivers? (4)

Scheduling Dashes also avoids the problem of logging into the Dasher app to find that it's too busy for you to even go online!

What Factors Don't Impact Getting DoorDash Orders?

Now that you know how DoorDash sends orders, it's time to cover a few factors thatdon'tmatter for getting more orders.

1. Your Acceptance Rate

When learning how to DoorDash, one common mistake many new Dashers make is obsessing over their acceptance rates.

Your acceptance rate on DoorDash is the percentage of orders you accept. As an example, if you accept 50 out of 100 DoorDash order requests, your acceptance rate is 50%.

First things first, having a very low acceptance rate isn't cause for DoorDash deactivation, so don't stress there.

Secondly, DoorDash doesn't assign orders based on acceptance rate.

This has been a rumor for a long time, but so far, DoorDash hasn't come out with any statements about this claim and it hasn't been proven by Dashers.

The bottom line is you should accept orders that are worth it to you, aiming for around $1 to $2 per mile whenever possible.

2. Your DoorDash Completion Rate

Your DoorDash completion rate is the percentage of DoorDash orders you accept and actually complete.

Your completion rate is veryimportant for not getting kicked off DoorDash. This is because DoorDash requires an 80% or higher completion rate to stay active as a driver.

How Does DoorDash Assign Orders To Drivers? (5)

However, DoorDash doesn't consider completion rate when it assigns orders between drivers. Or, at least, it hasn't said that it uses this metric.

For example, if your completion rate is 85% and another nearby driver's completion rate is 89%, this shouldn't come into play into who gets the order first.

Tips For Getting More DoorDash Orders

If you were wondering how does DoorDash assign orders, hopefully our guide has cleared up how the algorithm works.

And now that you know the inner-workings of how DoorDash assigns orders to drivers, here are a few more tips you can use to get more orders and make more money!

  1. Drive At Busy Times: Driving at the best DoorDash times, which are around lunch, dinner, and all-day on the weekend, helps you get more orders because order volume is at its highest.
  2. Wait In Prime Locations: As mentioned, DoorDash considers your proximity to restaurants when assigning orders. So, wait near clusters of restaurants if possible to ensure you're close to the pickup location and are more likely to get the order.
  3. Try Double Orders: DoorDash sometimes offers batched orders which involve picking up two separate orders from the same restaurant and then making two different deliveries. These can be tricky at first, but sometimes, the extra pay is worth the work.

And just remember: DoorDash is one of many driving gigs that pay that you can use to make quick cash.

For example, a lot of DoorDash drivers also make money with Instacart, the most popular grocery delivery side hustle out there.

How Does DoorDash Assign Orders To Drivers? (6)Instacart can easily pay $15 to $20+ per hour, and other delivery gigs like Uber Eats and Amazon Flex can also pay quite well.

Between all these gig apps, you have enough variety to get more orders if DoorDash isn't assigning orders, and you can also learn which apps pay the most in your market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can DoorDash Drivers Assign Orders?

DoorDash drivers can't assign orders to themselves or other drivers. DoorDash's algorithm assigns orders to drivers that are nearby restaurants. From there, drivers choose to either accept the order and complete the delivery or decline the order to let another Dasher accept it.

Can DoorDash Customers Pick Their Driver?

DoorDash doesn't let customers pick the DoorDash driver who delivers their order. DoorDash assigns orders to drivers depending on factors like driver proximity to restaurants, Top Dasher status, and what zone a Dasher is scheduled to Dash in.

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Does DoorDash Give You Orders Based On Your Location?

Yes, location is one factor DoorDash uses to assign orders to drivers. So, if you wait near several restaurants, you're more likely to get orders than if you wait at home or in an area without many restaurants.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide clarifies how does DoorDash assign orders and tips you can keep in mind to get as many orders as possible.

Jobs like DoorDash are great for making extra cash, and you can even get paid the same day if you use Fast Pay.

However, like any gig job, it's important to understand how things work in the background so you can play the game to make as much money as possible.

And now that you know how DoorDash assigns orders to drivers, you can use this information to get more orders for yourself!

Happy dashing!

And remember, you can sign up for DoorDashor other gigs like Instacartif you're ready to make money in the gig economy!

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DoorDash Disclaimer: Start Dashing today:Subject to background check and availability.

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How Does DoorDash Assign Orders To Drivers? (2024)
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